Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I received a gift from Greece!

Good evening :)  I just wanted to share with you a lovely gift I received from Arabella over at Chickie Chirps Blog.

Arabella was running a little competition on her page .. and although I didn't win .. she did send me this gorgeous little package .. all the way from Greece to Australia!  I was thrilled!

 Arabella made me this totally SENSATIONAL card.  I have 5 cards sent to me from Blogging friends .. and they take pride of place on my desk ... they mean so much to me.  That someone takes the time to create something so wonderful ... just for me! ... when I don't even know them (other than on a blog) makes me feel all warm and gushy.

She also included this cute stamp, a packet of little felt stars and some lovely 6x6 papers!  Ooooohhhh!

Isn't this card gorgeous!

A huge thank you Arabella .... I love your blog and it was so much fun playing your little guessing game .. hard though LOL!  Your card has certainly bought a smile to my face.

Big Hugs to Arabella and my crafting/blogging friends ... what a sensational community!

You can check out Chickie Chirps here.

xoxoxox Carly


  1. How lucky are you!! this is beautiful,xx

  2. I love this card and the banner down the side, very PRETTY! Hugs, Karen


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