Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I'm ready to move house ...

Hello my gorgeous blog friends.  Well moving day is almost here!  Two days until we get the keys!!!
For the last two days we have been moving a lot of things into the shed at the new home ... the current owner was nice enough to give us a key to the shed so we could at least make a start.
The big things will all be done with a drive yourself truck we are hiring on Friday.  Saturday will be doing trailer loads of pot plants and outdoor things and then Sunday will be the clean up of the old house ..... yuk!  And of course the next two days we will continue to do trailer loads .... WOW do we have a lot of crap!  10 years in the one place ..... you sure do collect stuff.

As of tomorrow night I will not have computer/internet access for at least two weeks!  I'm devastated!  I feel like I'm going to be cut off from the world!  It has nearly been a year that I have been blogging and on Facebook.  To be honest a few weeks off Facebook will do me the world of good ... it can be such a time waster.  But Blogging!!!  OH NO!  As you know I'm on a few Design Teams and I feel dreadful that I can't meet my commitments with them for a couple of weeks.  I know everyone understands .. but I don't like to let any one down.

I just wanted to let you know that I have not stopped blogging or crafting and I will be back just as soon as I can.  I will miss you all terribly!  But I'm sure I will be so buys unpacking and setting up my craft room (oh yeah and the usual cooking, cleaning, working part time, looking after a family etc etc) that the time will fly.

Seeing as I have been blogging for almost a year .. I think when I come back I will put up some Candy and have a little Blogging Birthday Party :)  I would have loved to have gotten it organised before we moved ... but I didn't realise that the internet was getting disconnected tomorrow!

I'm really looking forward to being back soon ..... big hugs to you all xoxoxxoox Carly

PS I should mention that some posts have been scheduled in advance ... so you may see some projects from me pop up in the next week or two LOL ..... he he he can't get rid of me that easy :)

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  1. Good luck with the house move hun - 2 weeks will fly by as I am sure you will have lots of sorting and cleaning to do! See you back here very soon. Hugs, Claire x


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