Thursday, 7 February 2013

New Blog Look and Information

Hi!!!!  I'm super super excited!  So what do you think of my new Blog look???  Pretty awesome hey!  It is all thanks to Kellie over at Give A Girl A Blog.  She has created the sensational colours and layout for me and you would be surprised at the low fee she charges.  So head on over and check out her blog for details.

Ok ... back to being all about me LOL .... well I haven't been around much lately I know.  Life takes lots of twists and turns with road blocks, detours and cross roads.  It can all be overwhelming, time consuming and full on ... but this is also how we grow, learn and decide what is important to us.

In recent months since our move out into the 'country' I have not been getting much craft done and have made the difficult decision to resign from most of the Design Teams I was on.  I just could not give my fellow team members and my gorgeous followers the attention you/they all deserved.  'LIFE' changed and the needs of a Husband, 3 year old daughter, pets and an acre of land not to mention working part time had to come first.

But to be totally honest .. somewhere in the needs of everyone else I lost my own self a little ... and I realise that CREATING is what I need for my own sanity and well being.  So to cut a long story short (yeah I know its pretty long already LOL) ... I have decided to change my blog a little.  From now on you will see all of my passions ...... Craft, Food and Life.  This will be a personal journey of mine and if you like .. you can come along.  So here's to us .... new beginnings .....

Stay tuned for my first recipe ... a 'cheats' sourdough bread .. you will be amazed how easy this is.



  1. glad to hear youve remembered YOURSELF carly! Someone very special to me has told me the same thing of late so hopefully we can both think about ourselves more ;-)

  2. Love the new look Carly. It's very easy to forget to make time for ourselves when dealing with everyone else's needs - we've missed you! Carol x


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