Monday, 20 May 2013

Peppa Pig, Baked Goods and the good life .....

Well its been a while ... have been busy I guess .....

Here is a snapshot of the last couple of weeks ....

Knitted Peppa Pig for Madalyn .... she loves it.

My Mother's Day gift from Madalyn.

Planted lots of new trees ... Fuji Apple, Two Way Plum, Almond, Quince and an English Plane Tree


getting trailer loads of rocks to make a feature in the garden

my very first spinach and ricotta pie ... AWESOME!

a cute creature we made using bits I found on my walk.

Foccacia ... yum!

English Plane Tree

Crocheted a Beret for Madalyn in her favourite colour.

So just a few of the things that have been happening ..... be back again soon with some recipes and cards.
xoxoxo Carly

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