Saturday, 8 June 2013

The garden and all that is good .. including warm and fuzzy creatures.

Well winter is here :(  and I don't like it ..... but it does give me the yearning to do yarn craft .... so these are my creations for the last couple of weeks.

 A little ball of a bunny ... just perfect for a new baby.
 A snuggle bunny ..... actually made for someone who is expecting a baby .. but Madalyn claimed it.  So I guess I will just have to make another.  
 If you saw an earlier post about a little mouse I crocheted .... well this is the new improved version!
A few friends have asked me to crochet their children mice ... so of course I wanted them to be perfect. 
This fellow here is my absolute favourite.  I'm currently knitting these two a little scarf each too.

 These two are going to a friend with twin boys.  So I wanted each one to be a little different.
 My garden is doing so well!  This was todays picking .. a lovely cauliflower, huge brocoli, turnip, lettuce and silverbeet.
and yep still making my own bread .. and loving it!

I hope you are enjoying life and getting time to create ..... may it be craft, in the garden or in the kitchen.

Here's to good health and healthy pass times.

xoxox Carly xoxox


  1. You're so talented at the crochet Carly. I love that little mouse- so very cute. You could make a whole business just on a mouse I reckon!!

    1. thank you Deb ... they are gorgeous aren't they! Very labour intensive though but so worth it!


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