Thursday, 23 February 2012

a HUGE thankyou! Look what I won!

Well fellow crafters ... can I just tell you something ....


I won this!!!!!!
as Blog Candy!!!!!!!


Here are some words that help explain the way I felt when I found out 

Disbelief again
concern that my eyesight was failing me
Super super excitement
grin from ear to ear
nearly wet my pants!
wwwwwoooooooo hoooooooooooo

An absolutely HUGE thankyou to Shirley! who posted this to me from America to Australia!
As many of you know I'm on a few Design Teams and have been struggling to complete cards .. I love the colouring aspect .. but when it comes to assembling a card I'm at a bit of a loss .. well now with this amazing machine I can do so much more!  This is one very valuable tool! And I'm not talking $$$$ I'm talking creativity!

Now I just have to win some more dies!  LOL!

Once again thankyou Shirley ... I love your blog and you are a dear friend (even though we have never met in person).  There are many things I love about crafting ..... the creative outlet, creating something that I'm proud of, learning new things and sharing my enjoyment and creation with others .... but there is one more final and important thing that I didn't know would happen when I started my blog and that is 
I have found myself connecting with so many like minded people ..... the internet is a wonderful thing! and I feel so lucky to have 'met' so many really special, supportive, and inspirational new friends.

Ok ... well as you can tell ..... this prize has made me feel so special and emotional ... so I'll stop boring you now LOL ... and go and create something.

Big Hugs


  1. You are so lucky! Congratz with this fab prize! Good thing you've just purchased some dies then LOL. And blogland is amazing, so much wonderfull people around! Hope you have fun with your new toy and bring on the creations :)

  2. Many congratulations and well done enjoy your prize:) Sandra H

  3. wow carly that is fantastic, what a candy to win hey !!!!! ive won a few but nothing on this scale, you lucky lucky lady xxxx

  4. Wow!!! You lucky, lucky lady! Have fun!!!!

  5. Oh Carly, you make me tear up, smile and LOL!!! I'm so glad you won! I am afraid I will have become an terrible enabler though! hehe Once you start buying the dies they're like that potato chip saying "you can't have just one"!
    I am so glad for the internet too. There is nothing so wonderful as the connections we can make and enjoy all over the world!
    My dear friend enjoy! I can't wait to see how you use it to add to your already wonderful cards!
    Big hugs from the USA,


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