Thursday, 19 July 2012

Aliens for a 3rd Birthday

Hello .... I just wanted to share with you the photo of the cake I made for Madalyn's 3rd Birthday Party.  Well actually I made two cakes ... one for her party and one for her Birthday a few days later.

Having a little girl I thought for sure that I would get to make a cute mushroom house cake or perhaps a castle .... or even something to do with flowers.  But no .. when looking through the cake decorating books she selected an alien!

So here it is
 It was a lot of fun to make ... and Madalyn had chosen a Purple and Green theme for her party.  By that I mean when we went out to buy plastic plates and cups she wanted purple and green ones ... so hence we had a theme.

 She absolutely loved everyone singing Happy Birthday to her.  This is her Dad (Steve) holding her up to blow out the candle.
 Then of course for her actual Birthday she wanted another Alien cake ... I got home really late so it was a rush.  Managed to whip this up from scratch in an hour though so I was pretty happy.  Luckily I still had some icing left over.  The cake I baked this time was a really simple sponge.
I think though that this alien is kind of scary ... probably because of those red and black eyes.  But it tasted delicious.

I can't believe my little girl is 3!  Time really does fly and I cherish every moment.

xoxoxo Carly


  1. That is awesome Carly! What an amazing cake...can you please send some to me? hehhe

    1. Thanks Alyce ... it was fun to make. I think I must have eaten 4 or 5 pieces! It was pretty nice.

      Birthday cake is always delicious :)

      Wish I could send some to you :)

  2. Oh my gosh Carly these cakes are amazing! You are truly talented!

    This just made me SMILE!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Big hugs,

    1. LOL Shirley! They are so easy. I did a lady bug for her first Birthday .. and that was fabulous. Can't remember what I did for last year though ... will have to go back through the photos and look. She was really sick last year :( it was not a good B'day.

      Hugs right back at you .... special purple alien hugs.


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