Sunday, 8 July 2012

Lets catch up over coffee ....... its been so long ....

Hello there!  Remember me?  Yes I know ... where have I been ..... well moving house is much more involved that I remember!  After spending almost 10 years in one place you certainly accumulate a LOT! and of course now we have a child as well ..... you get the picture.

I have been missing my crafting and card making SO MUCH! ..... and at the moment I'm getting some boxes unpacked so I can get some craft done.  Madalyn's 3rd Birthday is on Monday 16th! and I haven't even made her a card yet!

But I was talking about coffee wasn't I.  How many of you love your coffee?  I know I do.  I have 2-3 cups a day and to be honest I feel like my day hasn't had a good start until I've had my coffee.  (I'm totally addicted to tea brewed in my teapot too!)

At the moment I'm thoroughly enjoying a gorgeous range of coffees from Nescafe.  They have a range of little sachets called Nescafe Cafe Menu and they are totally delicious.

I'm part of a Word Of Mouth Marketing group called SOUP ( .  You can apply to trial products .. and I was lucky enough to be accepted to trial Nescafe coffee!  I was sent some boxes to sample and share with friends.

They come in gorgeous flavours like Mocha, Caramel Latte, Cappuccino and MORE! but my absolute favourite is Hazelnut Latte .... mmmmmm YUM!

If you have tried this delicious range of coffee then jump onto and enter a competition to win a $150 pampering giftcard ... so make sure you do that ..... who wouldn't love to be pampered!

I am also hoping to get the opportunity to host my own little competition right here on my blog ..... that will be sponsored by Nescafe and Soup .... so make sure you leave a comment  ... it could be about what sort of coffee you like, do you drink coffee when you are crafting ... or anything coffee related.  Up for grabs will be a fabulous prize .... maybe a Westfield Voucher or perhaps a gift certificate to spend at your local craft store!

Here the delicious flavours I have tried ... mmm yum!

So until next time .... enjoy your coffee and your crafting ....... and I look forward to being back soon.

xoxoxo Carly

PS .... I also wanted to share a little tip with you so that you can indulge in a delicious slice of cake with your coffee.  When you are baking a cake ..  substitute 1/4 of the sugar with the same quantity of non fat milk powder!



  1. thanx for sharing. since reading your post I got a couple of packets to take to my friend's b'day brunch. Everyone loved the flavours I got.
    I love coffee and especially love having a friend over for a coffee and home made yummies so thanx also for your tip about sugar!

    1. Bugs ... could you please email me with your contact details so I can get your prize out to you. Congratulations!

  2. My pleasure Bugs. I too love sharing coffee with a friend. I do a lot of baking ... hence the tip. Glad you liked it. Let me know what you bake :)

    What was your favourite flavour? They are so simple to make and taste so good. Perfect for any occasion.

  3. They look pretty good. I could just take one or two to work every day. I would'nt have to worry about if there is enough milk or coffee at work, and I could make everyone jealous with the nice coffee that I have got.
    As long as they dont pinch it of me. They can be little scally wags sometimes.

  4. Ooh, they sound delish! I particularly love the sound of the hazelnut one. My husband currently takes the Latte ones to work and he loves the convenience!

  5. Hi MichVee .. the Hazelnut are delicious. My Husband has been a fan of them too. I can see them being a regular on the shopping list.

    If you haven't already tried them then you really must .... delicious!

  6. WOO HOoooooo!! Congratulations Bugs! you have a prize coming your way!

    Thanks for the comments everyone :)

    I hope you are enjoying a nice cup of coffee while you are blogging :)


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