Friday, 1 March 2013

Dirty and tired .... but look what we have done!

Hello there ..... I know ...... I have been MIA!  and unfortunately this is not a craft blog ... but I intend to make a card tonight!  So stay tuned.

But I just wanted to explain why I have been missing ..... as you know I work part time (night shift) and am a full time Mum.  Also we moved out to the country ... and have been doing a LOT of work.  So here is the latest!

We have been building a vegetable garden!  Both my Husband Steve and I have been outside until 10.30pm at least most nights (unless I'm at work .. which I have been 3 nights a week to pay for it all LOL) .. and we are exhausted!  But it is finished.  Seeds and some seedlings have been sown and now we just have to wait.

 so this was the 'patch' before hand ... just one raised garden bed and we put a wire fence around to keep rabbits out.

 Framework for the new fence and some of the new raised garden bed frames in.  
 another view ... the structure at the end is our chicken coop (also made by Steve)
 Getting ready to cut and attach the recycled tin.
 the last of the 6 garden beds are assembled.
 Steve hard at work.

 Madalyn's new swing ... also made by Steve ... she LOVES it!
 Ta Daaaaa!  all done .. well one of them doesn't have the pea straw on in this photo .. but it does in real life.
The tree you see there is our Cherry tree .... it had to stay ... although we did move the Lemon and Lime trees out of the fenced area.

Will keep you posted on our vegie growing :)  

Thanks for stopping by.
xoxox Carly


  1. oh wow!!! great work! it has come such a long way - you must be so proud :)

    1. Thank you Alyce .. I'm very proud of our garden ... lets just hope I have a green thumb :)

  2. oh wow!!! great work! it has come such a long way - you must be so proud :)

  3. Oh wow what a difference you have worked really hard getting it to look like that xx

    1. Thanks Sandra .. we certainly have .. most of it done in the dark after my little one has finally fallen asleep :)

  4. You have been working hard Carly, it looks fabulous - it will be well worth all of your effort when you have lovely fresh vegetables to harvest. Do you have any chickens yet, we have two and they are great fun and the eggs are lovely.
    I hope you are well and will have a little more time for yourself now you have finished your vegetable garden.

    1. Hi Pauline

      Thank you ... it does look great doesn't it :) I'm so pleased with it all.

      Yep we have chickens .. have had for quite a while. We have 6 and you are right fresh eggs are fabulous!

      One of our chickens Madalyn walks around with it like a baby ... on its back .. legs in the air .. lol!



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