Sunday, 24 March 2013

MMMmmmmmmmm a gorgeous healthy sauce!

Hi there ... I've been busy this afternoon in the kitchen.  A roast for tea, a chocolate and zucchini cake, stewed rhubarb (fresh out of the garden) and a date orange puree/sauce.

This recipe is not my recipe .. I saw it on TV and Madalyn begged me to make it I did.
The recipe is from a gorgeous Australian Nutritionist called Janella Purcell.

The recipe is:-

1 cup of Dates (pitted and roughly chopped) ... I used the dried ones
1 cup of orange juice ..... I used one orange .. juiced after I had zested the rind
zest of one orange

Bring to a simmer in a small pan, simmer for 10 minutes or until dates are soft.  (I found it only took 5 minutes).

Once cooled add one cup of natural unsweetened yoghurt and blend it with a stick blender (or whatever you have available).

I must admit I was almost out of yoghurt so I think I added just over 1/2 a cup .... Oh My Goodness!  its sensational!  You must try it.

We had it with the stewed rhubarb but you could put it with any fruit or even as a topping on a pudding ... which is what I am going to do with the left overs.

Here it is with the stewed rhubarb and a slice of my chocolate zucchini cake ..... YUM!

Oh and just to sweeten the deal ... here is my sweet daughter Madalyn enjoying the best part of cake making.

 ... enjoy living a healthy but fun life.
xoxoxo Carly


  1. Awwww the pictures tell a story!! looks yummy xx

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