Saturday, 20 August 2011

Mad For Markers Challenge Blog Voting & Hospital Trip for me today

Good evening all :)

I won't be creating tonight as I'm thoroughly exhausted after spending most of the day in the Hospital Emergency with my 2 year old daughter.  My poor sweet girl was injured at the park during my Nephew's 8th Birthday party.

The doctor thought she had a fractured arm .... but luckily (after waiting for hours!) they found out it was a dislocated elbow and managed to pop it back in.  So she is back to her usual bubbly and happy self.

But of course she spent most of the day in terrible pain and misery and I have therefore felt terrible and worried. You know I love being a Mother ... but the worry is so hard!  and I know it will never go away as she will always be my little girl and I will be always concerned about her well being.

My shoulders and back are really aching from trying to sit so still at the hospital because everytime I moved she screamed in pain ..... but she's all better now ..... and I know that there are parents out there with sick children that won't be feeling better with a special 'twist' of the arm.  So my thoughts are with those parents and children tonight ...............................

If you feel inclined please pop over to Mad For Markers Challenge Blog  and vote for my card.  It's the Purple Dragon #9.  There are so many lovely cards entered.. it was a Spica Pen challenge ... and as a follower of my creations you will know how much I adore my spica pens ha ha ha.  You will see the competition entries on the right hand side of the blog.  Thankyou so much :)

So anyway that's it for me .... I'm off to rest .... and perhaps even read a book (something that doesn't get done much these days)

Goodnight :)

PS Please excuse any spelling mistakes .. I'm just to worn out to proof read tonight :)

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  1. I'm glad your daughter is OK now. I know what you mean about the worry it's one thing no one ever warns you about isn't it, they warn you about lack of sleep etc., etc., but never the worry. I hope you get to relax today and recover from your stressful day yesterday.


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