Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Question on Sewing on Cards

Hello my awesome, talented and creative followers :)

I need some help please.

A lovely friend of mine gave me the most gorgeous Birthday card recently and it had stitching on it.  I really love this card and have been noticing stitching on cards all over blog sites.  I do have a sewing machine ... a great big one that is hard to get to and not at all convenient (also I don't really know how to sew).   I was wondering if anyone uses a mini sewing machine and what they think of it.

Any advice on what to look for and where to get one from would be much appreciated.  I would love to give this a go as it looks stunning.

Thankyou so much for your help.

Happy crafting :)


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  1. Hi there hun,

    There are "sew" (hehe) ways to do stitching now, it's GREAT. You can either hand stitch which is what I used to do all the time, you can faux stitch which I still do and people often don't even know until they get one of my cards and say they thought it was real! You can buy smaller versions from craft stores for about $30-$50. I bought a medium one that I LOOOOVE and it cost me $50 came with everything and most of all small enough to store you might had seen on my blog photos. Ummmmm ebay is also good for machines. Or there is a new thing I forget what it's called will look it up and email if I find it today. I hope I have been some help.

    Hugs xx


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