Monday, 8 August 2011

A special entry from my Husband

Well hello again :)

I would just like to share with you an image my Husband, Steve, has created. 
Initially Steve was quite unsure about me purchasing copic markers and digital stamps ... you see I'm a craft addict!  I cross stitch, knit, crochet and more and he was worried that it was going to be another craft that only ever got half done.

But since I got my markers and discovered digital stamps I was so motivated ... I even started this blog and have been colouring most nights since (I think its been 3 months now).  I show him all the things I colour and ask his advice on shading and light sources .... and he has even tried the copics himself but didn't like them.  He now gets to play the XBox every night as I'm busy colouring (once our gorgeous 2 year old is in bed).

He still didn't understand totally my fascination of colouring and didn't know why I don't just use the computer to colour.  He said it would be much easier and cheaper.  I asked him to show me how .... and he has spent the last 2 nights working on the image you see below.... and when I say nights I mean it!  He has been at it for hours!  So its not quicker and for me it would not satisfy my colouring cravings! but for him it was fun.

I think now he understands a little more about my addiction to colouring :)

I'm amazed at what he created (I'm terrible on the computer) and really proud of it.  I'm so proud and pleased that he has taken an interest in my hobby and had a go at it himself in his own way.  He asked if it could be entered into a competition without further ado I would like to enter this image into the
Make It Colourful Challenge #29 colouring in pinks.

Thanks for visiting ..... enjoy your blogging.


  1. Oh Carly! WOW! That is just soooo cool! I love that your hubby wanted to experiment too. Boy he has done a fabulous job too. LOVE the highlights on the stones. Really it all looks fab! Tell hubby - he can join us ANY TIME! We would love to see his electronic colouring. :D


  2. well done steve :) lol
    Lovely to see husbands taking an interest in what their wives like to do xx

  3. Oh well done Mr Carly!!! Loved reading your post, Carly, I have a certain someone who's opinion and help I seek constantly too, but I have never yet succeeded in getting him to do some himself, lol.

    It looks great, the metallic flowers really look like they are reflecting some gentle light. Tell him he just HAS to join us again for another challenge. CoB


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