Friday, 19 August 2011

Make It Colourful Challenge Blog #30 Make It Wet

This challenge entry is on behalf of my Husband, Steve.  He was so chuffed to get mentioned in the Pink challenge ... although he couldn't understand why he didn't win .. ha ha ha ha.

He has 'added' to my tree image so he could enter the Make It Wet challenge over at Make It Colourful.

I coloured this lovely image called Tree Of Love from Make It Crafty ... and he as added the 'wet' using the computer.  I wasn't sure about entering it but he really wanted to and Zoe over at Make It Crafty said it would be ok so here it is :)

I have tried and tried to do water droplets, rain, dew or anything wet on my colouring all week and just can't do it.  This is a really hard challenge!  But it has been fun trying :)

This is a skill I will keep trying to master .... but for now I think I will go back to colouring something a little easier :)


  1. I'm with you Carly - this WAS a tough challenge but good on your for keeping trying! It took me an AGE to figure it out too - LOL

  2. Carly, we all found it a challenge too, but the point is you had a go.

    Ha ha, he expects to win on his very first entry! Tell him it takes blood, sweat and tears, hehee. I have no idea how this is done on the computer, but it really looks wet. Well done Mr Carly.

  3. Love your image and the 'wet' looks great.


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