Saturday, 6 August 2011

Make It Colourful Challenge #29 Colouring with Pink

Good evening ... I'm a little bit excited ... well a lot actually!  Make It Colourful Blog has a colouring in pink challenge.  You don't even have to complete a project as its just about colouring .. so you can just submit a coloured image. 

I was going to do a whole card but I'm just so thrilled with this image that I coloured!  She is Elizabeth from the Make It Crafty online store and this is my first time colouring her.  There is no way I would have done pink if it wasn't for this challenge as I find pinks and reds quite hard.

I have taken photos in stages to show you what I did.  I used copic markers in the following colours:-
Pink - R81, 83, 85
Cream part of dress - E50, 51, 53
Stockings - E50, 51
Hair - E33, 37, 29
Eyes - B00
Lips and eyeshadow- R20
Clear Spica pen on flowers and fan handle
Silver Spica pen on buckles of dress

I'm just so happy with it ... that I wanted to get it on my blog straight away and enter it onto Make It Colourful tonight!  Perhaps I will attempt to make it into a card tomorrow night ... but its much to late for me now .. I must rest this sleepy head.
 Wasn't relly sure how well I was doing here ... wasn't sure if I had the shading right.
 Finished her 'skirt' and its probably a little to light on the left hand side of the image but I don't want to fiddle anymore as I'm scared I will make it look worse.
 I love the cream of the bodice and I'm totally in love with those legs!  I'm so happy with where I have managed to get the light and the shadows .... this is something I really struggle with.  Aren't her legs divine!  I wish they were my legs .. wait maybe they were modelled off mine ...I'll just check ............ nope :(  unfortunately not.

 There are those legs again :)  I'm pretty happy with the shoes as I managed to leave a lighter area to show some 'shine'.  They kind of remind me of Barbie shoes ... actually my youngest Sister has shoes like these but they are candy apple red.

 I've taken this shot on a bit of an angle so that you can see the shimmer of the spica pens.
And finally my completed image.  Thankyou so much for sticking with me :) 

Enjoy whatever you are going to do next  ........ I'm off to bed ... goodnight xoxo


  1. Carly and so you should be proud - Wow you have done an incredible job! I like the the skirt is a little lighter on the left. And yup - those legs are stunning! VERY nice blending there. Fab hair too! You have really done this image justice! hugs xxoo

  2. carly she is absolutely beautiful! love the pinks :)


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